Requirements - Dimensions.       

Skeletron has an excellent safety record since she was created over 8 years ago.

Skelly powered by Co2 and 24 volt battery power. Skeletron and the car are controlled over a secure 2.4GHZ, Spread spectrum technology, wireless network.

Skelly Weight : 40 kg

Skelly Height: 6 feet (Standing)

Skelly Construction: Zinc Plated Steel.

Car: 950mm wide X 1200mm long

How high: She will climb up to 20 mtrs (65 feet)

Area requirements: working area 8 Sq metres minimum protected by crowd control barriers. Note 8sq metres is clear area please enquire if you are not sure, but more the merrier.

Barriers: Suitable interlocking crowd control barriers such as “Mills Barriers”




Above “Mills interlocking Barriers” typical dimensions 2.5mtrs long x 1.1 mtrs high

Risk Assessment: is available upon request.

Note: All events should have their own Health and Safety Officer / Advisor to ensure that the event is suitable for the purpose.

Public liability insurance: Charged per event and subject to Event type

Rope : 36mm dia, Manilla 3 strand traditional tug of war rope.

Suitable Structure:

Rope will need to be tied off on to a suitable structure capable of withstanding 120kg. For outside events, many of our past clients have tended to use a crane or cherry picker which has its advantages of achieving greater heights. Please be aware that we do not operate such equipment ourself and you are required to have a trained operator.

Power Supply: Suitable 240 volt Power supply  for battery charging / PA Equipment.

For more information please contact us

Skeletron the rope climbing robot

Please Note:  We do not endorse any other robot shows, websites or events, unless otherwise stated.