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Who are we ?

My name is Ray Tait and along with my team Chris and Victoria,  we bring you the fantastic, world famous, Skeletron.

Skelly as she is well known, is a cheeky full size humanoid robot with the ability to climb ropes in excess of 20 metres, with plenty of fun and humour on the way up before playing out her party trick at the top.

Brief History

Ray is no stranger when it comes to building robots, he has appeared and built many mechanical marvels for TV with many appearances on Robotwars, Technogames , Blue Peter with countless interviews on BBC and ITV news and radio shows to name but a few.

Skeletron, was originally created for a BBC TV programme called Techno Games back in 2000. The TV show was based on an Olympics for robots where Skelly entered as a natural rope climber, taking the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  Myself, brother Matt & son Chris, received  the NESTA Award for best design and innovation presented to us by Lord David Puttnam, the rest as they say is history. Long after the show ended, Skeletron still remains the ultimate rope climbing robot icon and never fails to disappoint an audience.

What’s New

New for 2008 is the Skelebug, Skelly’s personal set of wheels and launch vehicle which made a successful debut appearance at the Edinburgh Science Festival performing 80 Shows in 2008.

It is a spectacular event not to be missed.


We have served many top clients in the past such as the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Esat BT, TV Corporation, Edinburgh, Cheltenham Science Festivals to name but a few. See also Appearances.



Skeletron is still as popular as ever with adults and children and there will always be a new generation of people who will enjoy the fantastic Skeletron.